7 Apr 2011

SharePoint Workflows: Custom Actions

by Dave
I recently had the need to convert documents in SharePoint to PDF and digitally sign them, as part of a workflow; in comes the custom action. The action that I will describe below uses the Word Interop to save the document as PDF (using the Word 2007 and 2010 save to PDF add-in), and then signs the document with a certificate (and scanned signature image) using the open-source iText PDF library. [More]

About me

I am a software developer in the UK, and specialise in Microsoft technologies.

Starting as a web developer working on the British Airways website at Leighton, I progressed to .net development at Aspire Technology Solutions.  A lot of my work has involved SharePoint, and I have implemented numerous solutions using the platform.  Recently I have been involved in a large-scale enterprise application utilising WCF services, and also a large BI databse using SQL Server technologies.

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