23 Apr 2011

SharePoint and CRM 2011 Integration: Part 2

by Dave
So, in Part 1 we discussed how to get our entity data from CRM, and into XML. In this post, I will run through what we want the output to be for each entity. [More]
8 Apr 2011

SharePoint and CRM 2011 Integration: Part 1

by Dave
We have been looking at integrating our CRM 2011 installation with SharePoint, since we don't want to keep duplicating everything. To do this, it seemed best to use the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in SharePoint 2010. However, connecting SharePoint BCS to CRM isn't as simple as pointing it to the CRM web services (which I had hoped it would be). Instead, you have to create .net assembly connectors to connect to CRM and perform the CRUD operations. [More]
7 Apr 2011

SharePoint Workflows: Custom Actions

by Dave
I recently had the need to convert documents in SharePoint to PDF and digitally sign them, as part of a workflow; in comes the custom action. The action that I will describe below uses the Word Interop to save the document as PDF (using the Word 2007 and 2010 save to PDF add-in), and then signs the document with a certificate (and scanned signature image) using the open-source iText PDF library. [More]

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I am a software developer in the UK, and specialise in Microsoft technologies.

Starting as a web developer working on the British Airways website at Leighton, I progressed to .net development at Aspire Technology Solutions.  A lot of my work has involved SharePoint, and I have implemented numerous solutions using the platform.  Recently I have been involved in a large-scale enterprise application utilising WCF services, and also a large BI databse using SQL Server technologies.

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